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Linking All Women

Personal Development

Health & Wellness Course


Women, Development, Empowerment

Linking All Women Personal Development curriculum is designed to support the internal and external growth of Women and Girls so that they can confidently lead healthy and responsible lives that are guided with love, appreciation, and acceptance for who they are and the value they add to society. Every age, generation, and ethnicity of Women and Girls will have the opportunity to expand their learning beyond their philosophies, and circles of influence. Through deep reflection, personal exploration talks, peer engagement, and guest influencers, Women and Girls will be inspired to create a personal plan for their lives that will support their day-to-day actions and decision-making.

Core Areas

PD, Support Me

Development Outcomes

Establish healthy, mutually beneficial relationships with others; treat others with respect; manages interpersonal conflicts effectively; demonstrates appropriately assertive behavior

PD, CTLearning

Development Outcomes

Seeks new information to solve problems; relates knowledge to major and career decisions; articulates career choices based on assessment of interests, values, skills, and abilities

PD, Social C

Development Outcomes

Understand one's identity and culture; seeks involvement with people different from oneself

PD, Expectations

Development Outcomes

Sets and pursues individual goals; articulates rationale for personal and educational goals and objectives; articulates and make plans to achieve long-term goals and objectives; identifies and works to overcome obstacles that hamper goal achievement

PD, Time

Development Outcomes

Exhibits self-reliant behaviors; manages time effectively; develops strategies for managing finances

PD, Positive Identity

Development Outcomes

Make purposeful decisions regarding balance among education, work, and leisure time; acts in congruence with personal identity, ethical, spiritual, and moral values

PD, Positive Values

Development Outcomes

Uses complex information from a variety of sources including personal experiences and observations to form decisions or opinions; is open to new ideas and perspectives 

PD, Empowerment

Development Outcomes

Recognizes social systems and their influence on people; appropriately challenges the unfair, unjust, or uncivil behavior of other individual groups; participates in service/volunteer activities that are characterized by reciprocity 



Taswell, Ruth (2004). "Ask Me Where I'm Going" and Other Revealing Messages from Today's Teens. Minneapolis, MN: Search Institute

Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (2015). CAS learning and development outcomes. In J. B. Wells (Ed.), CAS professional standards for higher education (9th ed.). Washington, DC: Author.

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