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KrysSpeaks at Woman Evolve 23

My childhood friend, Chiquita & I

at the Woman Evolve Conference. We share over 20 years of friendship and she was the perfect person to experience this global gathering of women with. 


Where Will Your Yes Lead You.....

By KrysSpeaks

September 20, 2023

I am still processing all the goodness that has transpired at the Woman Evolve 23 Conference hosted by Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts. A moment in time. Life-changing, spirit-filled, impactful, and just overall powerful from start to finish. SJR is intentional in all she does. From the worship songs that opened the conference, to the speakers, her opening sermon on that Thursday night entitled "Take Form" and the complete conference in its' entirety. To add to her intentional flow, her husband Pastor Toure Roberts met her in the spirit and physical with his energy and words of declaration closing out the conference encouraging us all by saying "Woman Bring It On Home". Toure's Woman Bring It On Home sermon ignited a fire in the room that I believe will fill our homes and communities for generations to come. 

On my way to the conference, and while there I repeatedly whispered to God, thank you. Thank you for provision. Thank you for my salvation. Thank you for sisterhood. Thank you for SJR's Yes..... Because what if she didn't say Yes to God? Lawd, we would have not be able to see God move in and through her to bring us all together for such a time as this to E.V.O.L.V.E. from generation to generation representing various states, countries, and backgrounds.

I remember when I told God Yes. My desire to please HIM was great in that season of my life, yet I didn't know how my journey would unfold. Through many hurdles, tests, and trails my yes led to a joy-filled life today that only God could have given me. My yes brought me to birth Linking All Women, and other amazing things inwardly and outwardly that has blessed my life beyond what I could have personally orchestrated (as the planner I am :-).

I'm so glad I laid down my plans and submitted to HIS. Because, when it's all said its done, no matter what path of life we choose, The Glory should all lead back to HIM.


As you move forward through this fall season and soon close out this year, I charge you to say Yes to God and the plan for your life that he has already purposed for you while in your mothers womb. Your yes may look like choosing to forgive, leaving an unhealthy relationship, or stepping into that leadership role that you been skating by because your lack of confidence. My prayer for you is that you will put your fear aside, and consider where your yes could lead you. 


Keep Evolving. Go forth, Say Yes, and Go with God as your helper and guide.

In Linking Love,


My (4 )Reflection Points
from the Woman Evolve Conference

KrysSpeaks, Woman Evolve 23 Conference

What an unforgettable 
life-changing weekend experience that every woman from all corners of the world should take part in!

Woman Evolve 23
KrysSpeaks, Woman Evolve 23
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